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220 Series Accordion Door

Folding Room Dividers

The Woodfold folding room dividers are designed to separate living areas conveniently and attractively. This door series features a unique pin hinge hardware system with a modified swept-wing style handle to minimize stack space. Benefits of a room diviiders are to divide space and conserve energy when used for zone heating or air conditioning within your residential living area. Frequent applications include the separation of sleeping and living areas, dividing a basement, family room, recreation area, or a gallery-style kitchen facility. Folding room dividers been routinely specified for use as room diviiders in public housing, retirement housing, assisted living, and hospitality or health care installations.
This product also meets ADA compatibility standards.

Standard Features

· Full-length Swept-wing Handle With Magnet
· Continuous Pin Hinge Hardware System Both Top & Bottom
· Nylon Wheel on Lexan Axle
· Aluminum Track
· Magnet Latch & Strike Plate

Optional Features

· Aluminum Recessed Track Channel
· Laser Crafted Panel Inserts
· Textured Glass Inserts
· Wood Astragals
· Wood Track Moulding
· Class 1 Fire Retardant Panels (Light Oak & Chalk Vinyl-lam only)

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