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Accoustical Accordion Door

Acoustical Accordion Doors

The Woodfold acoustical accordion door series is suitable for applications in restaurants, offices, assisted living facilities, churches, and other commercial facilities where some degree of sound reduction is desired at minimal cost. This single-wall acoustic accordion partition requires minimal stack space and allowes easy reconfiguration of your facility.
There is a full perimeter seal utilized on the this accordion folding door partition that provides an effective method to minimize heat loss transfer or air exchange from one room area to another. The modified hardware hinge system is designed to accept an extruded vinyl sweep system at the top and bottom. We have also incorporated an acoustically sealed track, ceiling guard, and interlocking jamb moulding with an exclusive sound gasket to create an acoustically rated sound partition.
This product also meets ADA compatibility standards.

Standard Features

· Aluminum Lead Post With An Exclusive Sound Seal Jamb Moulding
· Continuous Pin Hinge Hardware System (Top and Bottom)
· Nylon Wheel with Ball Bearings on Steel Axle
· Aluminum Track
· Heavy-duty Aluminum Track Sound Seal
· Hardwood Track Sweep Strip Mouldings (Top)
· Vinyl Sound Seal Sweep (Top and Bottom)
· Dead-latch With Thumbturn Two Sides

Optional Features

· May be Paired
· Sliding Jambs
· Magnetic Catch & Interlocking Moulding
· Aluminum Lead Post With Sound Seal Jamb Moulding
· Privacy Latch Thumbturn (One Side With Dead-latch)
· Spring latch With Thumbturn Two Sides
· Deadlatch With Thumbturn Two Sides
· Key Lock
· Wood Astragals
· Class 1 Fire Retardant Panels (Light Oak & Chalk Vinyl-lam only)

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