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Woodfold Custom Accordion Folding Doors

A complete line of custom made accordion folding doors with appeal and durability for long-term performance. Accordion Doors can help define the space whether you need to divide a room into a more people-friendly area, free up floor space, eliminate confined doors, or help reduce distracting noise. There is no better solution than a quality crafted custom accordion door.
Woodfold is continually developing and improving their folding door products to meet a wide variety of commercial, and residential needs.

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Residential Folding Closet Doors

Closet or wardrobe accordion doors that are designed for easy access into closets, utility rooms or wardrobe areas.

Residential Folding Room Dividers

Conserve space and energy with this folding divider. May be easily used as a passage door between rooms or a temporary room divider.

Commercial & Residential Accordion Folding Door

Provides stunning style with the high-use durability needed to successfully reconfigure space in homes, offices, schools, and restaurants.

Commercial Transparent Accordion Doors - Visifold

Crafted of heavy duty crystal clear acrylic panels to help reduce annoying noise with added security. Presents an inviting entrance to retail settings by providing a sense of openness.

Commercial Security Accordion Doors - Visifold

Combine the elements of security and aesthetics with vision access. With the Visifold plus folding doors you can maximize security in any commercial venue without minimizing eye appeal.

Commercial Aluminum Folding Doors - Alumifold

Adding a security door or enclosure no longer requires a compromise when it comes to appearance. this accordion sliding door system includes solid or perforated aluminum panels finished in bronze, gold or silver.

Commercial Aluminum Security Folding Doors - Alumifold

A store front security sliding door system often used in malls. An extremely sturdy door that incorporates a exclusive durable steel hardware hinge system..

Commercial Acoustical Accordion Doors

A single wall acoustic partition for spaces where closing off part of a room with some degree of sound reduction is desired. An excellent solution to reconfigure spaces in churches, restaurants, offices, or almost anywhere in a moment's notice.

Commercial Sealed Acoustical Folding Doors

Designed to provide maximum noise control between adjacent areas. A practical solution for space, sound and heat loss control. Perimeter sealed and acoustically lined with an exclusive heavy duty hardware system.
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